Halleluyah All Night

by HolyTaya

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A sensual Shabbat meditation for swooning and communing. Hyms of deep mystic play. Uncover the rhythm of the lover. Presence to the pulse of God/ess in each other. May you Halleluyah All Night!


released January 1, 2011

a blissroot project
created by holly taya shere in collaboration with arik labowitz
arrangements and lead vocals by holy taya
production and engineering by arik labowitz
percussive magic by aharon wheels bolsta, surya patri and arik labowitz
sweet harmonies and response vocals by melita doostand and arik labowitz
priestess presence by jill hammer and shoshana jedwab
mastering by myles boisen
photography by michael scherer
graphic design by navyo ericsen
reproduction by oasis




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HolyTaya Oakland, California

Taya Shere plays passionately in realms of transformative ritual. She is co-founder of Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute & co-author of Siddur HaKohanot & The Hebrew Priestess. She is into the ever-evolving play between embodied presence and living into our dreams. ... more

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Track Name: Hinei Mah Tov
from Psalm 133

Hinei Mah Tov U'manayim Shevet Achim/Achayot Gam Yachad
Behold How Good This Is!
Track Name: Tehom
from Psalm 42

Tehom el tehom korei … From the deep I call to you
Keyn nafshi ta’arog alayich… For you, my soul cries
Tzam-ah nafshi lelohim…My soul thirsts for you..
Kol mishbarecha v’galecha alai...You are sweeping me away
Yeshuot panai velohai...You are forever here with me
Track Name: Goddess
Goddess Goddess Goddess I trust
God is in love Goddess in lust

Goddess Goddess Goddess we be
God is / Goddess you
God is / Goddess me

Goddess Goddess Goddess revere
God is / Goddess right now
God is / Goddess right here
Track Name: Mama Tovu
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Chava Tovu, Ohalayich Na’amah Tovu, Ohalayich Sarah
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Rivka Tovu, Ohalayich Rachel Tovu, Ohalayich Leah
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Bilhah Tovu, Ohalayich Zilpah Tovu, Ohalayich Dinah

Mama Mama Ma We take refuge in You
We who be wild earth shebrew
We seek to serve your legacy true
Mama Mama Mama Mama

Va’ani B’rov Chasdeich Avo Veiteich
Eshtachaveh el heical kodsheich b’yirateich

Mama Mama Mama your ground is our home
We live revering each tree river and stone
Your are our blood flesh and bone

Eshreh ahavti me’on beiteich, umakom mishkan k’vodeich
Aneini b’emet yisheich, b’emet yisheich

Mama Mama Ma You who dwell in each soul
You who give us our rock and our roll,
You who make us increasingly whole
Mama Mama Mama Mama

Mama Mama Mama Ma Tovu Ohalayich Chaya...Rivka... Malka
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Yeilah, Shoshana, Raya
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Pessia, Selah, Zelda
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Lila, Bella, Zahara
Mama Tovu Ohalayich Eva, Savina, Yosefa
Track Name: Shalom Aleichem
Shalom Aleichem malachei hashareit malachei elyon
Mimelekh malachei ham’lachim hakadosh baruch hu.

Peace to you angels Angels of peace (2x)
Come in peace angels
Bless us with peace angels
And when you go angels go in peace

Boachen L’shalom malachot hashalom, malachot elyona
Mi malka malchot hamalchot ila’ah b’ruch hi

Barchuni L’shalom malachhei hamlachim, malachei elyon
Mi melech malachei hamlachim hakadosh baruch hu

Tzeitchen L’shalom malachot hashalom, malachot elyona
Mi malka malchot hamalchot ila’ah b’ruch hi

Shalom aleichen, malachot heshareit, malachot elyona
Mi malka malchot hamalchot ila’ah b’ruchah hi

Peace to you angels, angels of peace (2x)
Come in peace angels
Bless us with peace angels
And when you go, angels, go in peace
Track Name: Ruach Harah
האש הרה וילדה אור
haeish harah yalda haor

the fire conceived and gave birth to light
angels unfurl your wings and soar
we honor you this shabbos kodesh night

רוח הרה ילדה חכמה
ruach harah yaldah chochmah
Track Name: Eishet Chayil
אשת חיל מי ימצא ורחוק מפנינים מכרה
Eishet chayil mi yimtza v'rachok mip'ninim michrah
Warrior Woman

טעמה כי-טוב סחרה לא-יכבה בלילה נרה
Ta'amah ki tov (ki tov) sachrah lo yichbeh balailah nerah
Medicine Woman

פיה פתחה בחכמה ותורת-חסד על-לשונה
Piha patchah v'chochma v'torat chesed al l'shonah
Oracle Woman

תנו-לה מפרי ידיה ויהללוה בשערים מעשיה
T'nu lah mip'ri (mip’ri) yadeiha vihal'luha vash'arim ma'aseha
Creatrix Woman
Track Name: Ana B'choach
Ana B’choach G’dulat Y’mincha Tatir Tzerurah Tzerurah

Oh God Please Help Us Now
With Your Strengh and Great Know How
Untie Our Tangles
And Set us Free

Kabel Rinat Amcha Sagveynu T’hareynu Norah
Kabel Rinat Amcha Rinat Amcha

Oh God Please Shelter Us
Make Us Clear and Help Us See
Please Bless us and How We Be
Track Name: L'cha Dodi
לכה דודי לקראת כלה
פני שבת נקבלה

L’cha dodi likrat kallah p’nai Shabbat n’kabela

Come oh love let us embrace and vow
To honor the sacred in the here and now

שמור וזכור בדיבור אחד, השמיענו אל המיוחד
שכינה אחת ושמה אחד, לשם ולתפארת ולתחילה

Shamor v’zachor b’dibur echad
Hishmiyanu Eyl ham’yuchad
Shechina achat u’shema achat
L’shem ul’tiferet v’lithila

Expand and contract, two sides of the one
The dance of light and dark, the moon and the sun

לקראת שבת לכו ונלכה, כי היא מקור הברכה
מראש מקדם נסוכה, סוף מעשה במחשבה תחלה

Likrat Shabbat l’chu v’nelcha ki hi m’kor habracha
Meirosh mikedem n’sucha
Sof ma’aseh b’machashava techila

We revel in the holy which blesses us with all
From beginning to end we seek to heed her call

התעוררי התעוררי כי בה אורך קומי אורי
עורי עורי שיר דברי, כבוד יהוה עליך נגלה

Hitor’ri hitor’ri ki va orech kumi ori
Uri uri shir dabeiri
K’voda Shechina alayich nigla

The time has come to awaken and to shine our stars
Reveal our truths and to be who we are

בואי בשלום עתרת בעלה, גם בשמחה ובצהלה
תוך אמוני עם סגולה, בואי כלה בואי כלה

Boi v’shalom ateret ba’lah
Gam b’simcha uvtsahala
Toch emunei am segula
Boi chalah boi chalah

Come in peace
May your devotion never cease
May we increase oh precious people joy and freedom and release!
Track Name: Halleluyah All Night
Tov L’hodot L’adonai Ul’zamer L’shimcha Elyon
L’hagid Baboker Chasedecha V’emunatcha Baleylot

You who dwell in forever, holy is your nameWe find comfort in your ground, inspiration
in your flame
To love, praise and serve you
Is our delight
We do good work with our day
Sing Halleluyah all night!
Track Name: Ma'arivah
You who open up the gates of time
מעריבה ערבים Ma'arivah Aravim

You who flow each moment so sublime
מעריבה ערבים Ma'arivah Aravim

You who cycle forth the seasons
מעריבה ערבים Ma'arivah Aravim

You who give life reason
מעריבה ערבים Ma'arivah Aravim

You who roll the dark and spill the light
מעריבה ערבים Ma'arivah Aravim

You who shine the day and soft the night
מעריבה ערבים Ma'arivah Aravim
Track Name: Out Beyond
Out beyond right and wrong

There’s a field

I will meet you there...