this bliss

by Taya Ma

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hebrew goddess chant. lush world beats. blessed vocal caress.
the root and vision of my priestess dreams.

three years ago on the Jewish new year, a tornado came to me as I slept in my geodesic dome. a huge healthy tree offered herself up for me. the tornado uprooted and dropped the tree directly onto the dome. trapped beneath dome and tree, I had no idea if I would live. the frame drum I prayed with earlier that day created a stop-gap through which I could breathe. with the gift of that air, I sung to the divine mother.

my aliveness is a miracle. this music is an offering I wasn't sure I would be able to make. from the abounding grace I have received, I offer this music to you, with gratitude, with praise and with a prayer that you let love and bliss permeate this life that has been given to you.

i kiss earth and sky for my stellar engineer and co-producer arik labowitz; for exquisite collaborators surya prakasha, yael illah, jen myzel, rakia shemaya, isa nessim and hope medford; for mastering by ryan kleeman / overlap studios; for design by navyo ericsen and for cover image by pan trinity das.

i sing sweet praises for co-visioners ibrahim baba, indigo bacal, jill hammer, joti shephi, rae abileah, shoshana jedwab, sunshine muse and the kohenet hebrew priestess and makam shekhina tribes; for dad; for mom; and for the deepest love of ade odara.

this bliss exists because so many of you responded Yes, Make More Music and donated generously.

the cover of this bliss is an homage Anandamai Ma, the bliss-permeated mother.

this bliss is in gratitude for my healer, guide and protectress familiar, Sarah.


released September 18, 2015

taya shere / vocals, vision, arrangements & production
arik labowitz / engineering & co-production
surya prakasha / percussion
yael illah / vocals
jen myzel / vocals
rakia shemaya / djembe & vocals track 2
isa nessim / frame drum track 5
hope medford / percussion & vocals track 4
ryan kleeman & overlap studios / mastering
pan trinity das / image of anandamayi ma
25th street studio / engineering track 4



all rights reserved


HolyTaya Oakland, California

Taya Shere plays passionately in realms of transformative ritual. She is co-founder of Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute & co-author of Siddur HaKohanot & The Hebrew Priestess. She is into the ever-evolving play between embodied presence and living into our dreams. ... more

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Track Name: un di vach zal
un di vach zal
unz comen
tzu chesed
un tzu mazel
may this cycle / creation / week
be a blessing ...
Track Name: renew the women
you who renew the women
as you renew the moon
please renew my spirit
as you renew my womb
brucha at shekhinah she'astani isha
m'chadeshet et-haneshama
im halevana
Track Name: she loves she shines
hebrew from kohelet / ecclesiastes
(plus a Shechina added at the end, Jai Ma style!)
dor holech v’dor ba ha’aretz l’olam omadet Shechina!
English is inspired by a piece in We’Moon 2012 by Sheila Braun
this is an homage to my percussive roots and the magicians of the DC gogo scene.
Track Name: priestess blessing
shekhinah / el shaddai
ima illa'ah / tzimtzimai
summoning embodying sacred she who dwells within
we celebrate we co-create me and the goddess we are kin

may she bless us and may she keep us
as she shines her face may we embody grace
may she bless us and may she keep us
as she brings release may we give birth to peace

kali ma / inanna
pele / oshun / yemanja
reveling revealing opening to mystery
evolving and healing
this tastes just like bliss to me
Track Name: sound of the name
from Thunder Perfect Mind
Track Name: we are a spiral
we are a spiral
coming home
earth we are
and earth we will be
ki afar at v’el afar tashuvi
Track Name: crossroads
the wise woman sits at the crossroads

“...when two women sit at a crossroad, one on one side of the road, and the other on the other side of the road, facing each other, they are certainly engaged in witchcraft.” talmud, tractate pesachim 111a
Track Name: healing song
ana el na r’fanalah
ana shechina na r’finalah
inspired by moses’ prayer for miriam in the book of
Track Name: lishma lishmo
lishma lishmo l'shem almaya
ar'ah yamah v'shamaya
anu osin igul nafshaya
we are the earth wind water and fire
may our souls circle higher and higher
Track Name: bliss is the prayer
i am the temple
you are the temple
this is the prayer
bliss is the prayer

hamakom shel shekhinah
yesh hazeh ayin hazeh
Track Name: she'achalnu
she’achalnu mishela uv’tuva chayyinu
brucha at shechina hazana et hakol
(adapted from birkat hamazon / prayer after the meal)