Wild Earth Shebrew

by HolyTaya

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taya's debut release of originals and adaptations infuses world rhythms with shamanic sensibilities and ecstatic chant. traditional and original compositions weave an intimate, archetypal experience touching deep streams of consciousness. from the funk of Four Worlds to the hip hop harmonies of Holy, Holy, Wild Earth Shebrew invites you to dance your prayers. sacred, sensual and sassy, WIld Earth Shebrew carries us to a sublime realm where Judaism, earth and woman converge in deep-rooted bliss.


released June 30, 2009


2. we embody shechina: "we all come from the goddess" by z. budapest
3. four worlds: traditional chant "earth my body"
4. nishmat: Blackfeet melody "may we all fly like eagles"
6. ahava raba: circle song "humble yourself" sometimes attributed to i-chele greenberg
9. spirit is flowing: "the river is flowing" by diana hildebrand-hull (hebrew from torah/song of the sea)
10. amidah: "we are the old people" attributed to morning feather and will shephardson
11. aleynu: traditional chant "we are a circle" attributed to rick hamouris

wild earth shebrew was recorded and produced by arik labowitz of shema sacred music productions in berkley. percussion for tracks 4, 7, 11 was recorded at turtle studios in philadelphia. mastered by myles boisen. photography is by elizabeth dranitzke. graphic design by hunt smith design.

track credits:
holy taya: vocals, all tracks
shoshana "batshemesh" jedwab: mama drum 4, 7, 11; rainstick 9; shaker 11
surya (micha) patri: cajon 5, 8, 9; djembe 2, 3, 6
jen miriam cantor: djembe 2; doumbek & riqq 10
arik labowitz: guitar 4
shulamit wise fairman: harmony vocals 2, 4
eva clear neuhaus: harmony vocals 2
celia dubroof: harmonies in the eithers
jill hammer: hebrew inspiration 11




HolyTaya Oakland, California

Taya Shere plays passionately in realms of transformative ritual. She is co-founder of Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute & co-author of Siddur HaKohanot & The Hebrew Priestess. She is into the ever-evolving play between embodied presence and living into our dreams. ... more

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Track Name: Invocation
Shechina thank you for blessing this day (x2)
Shechina thank you for blessing all we do and all we say
Thank you for blessing this day

Shechina thank you for blessing this day (x2)
Shechina thank you for blessing how we be and how we pray
Thank you for blessing this day
Track Name: We Embody Shechina
We embody Shechina
We embody Shechina
Dwelling in us the feminine divine
We honor the stories of our foremothers
And the women in our line
Sarah, Rivka, Rakhel, Leah, Dinah, Ruth u’ Naomi
Track Name: Four Worlds Chant
Earth, my body Earth, Assiyah Nurture your body
Water, my blood Water, Yetzirah Heal your heart
Air, my breath Air, Briyah Experience your breath
Fire, my spirit Fire, Atzilut Open to spirit
Track Name: Nishmat
Nishmat Kol Chai The Essence of All Life
T’varech et shimcha Is Praising You Yah
Yah Eloheynu The Breathing of All Life
Yah Eloheynu Is Blessing You Yah
Track Name: Holy, Holy
Holy Holy Holy is the silence
Holy Holy Holy is the sound
Holy Holy Holy is each one of us
Holy Holy Holy is the ground

Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tzevaot
Kadosh Kadosh M’lo Khol
Kadosh Kadosh Ha-Aretz
Kadosh Kadosh K’vodo/a
Track Name: Ahava Raba
Ahava Raba Ahavtanu Adonai Eloheynu, With an Abounding Love
Ahava Raba Ahavtanu Adonai Eloheynu, With an Astounding Love

We shall lift each other up, As You have lifted us God, We shall lift each other up

(feminine: Ahava Raba Ahavatnu Shechina Elateynu)
Track Name: Ela Malka
Ela Malka Ne’emana, She Mother Earth, We Love and Honor
Ela Malka Ne’emana, She is the Queen, There Is None Beyond Her
Track Name: Shema
Shema Yisrael Listen Oh You
Adonai Eloheynu Who Wrestle With G!d
Adonai Ekhad The Infinite
Adonai Ekhad She is One
Track Name: Spirit is Flowing
Mi Chamokha The Spirit is Flowing The Spirit isFlowing
Ba’elim Adonai Flowing and Growing Flowing and Growing
Mi Kamokha The Spirit is Flowing The Spirit is Flowing
Nedar BaKodesh Through You and Me Through You and Me

Norah T’hillot HaShem Guide Me Shechina Reside in Me
Oseh Feleh Be Faithfully Beside Me Your Wisdom Lives Inside Me
Norah T’hillot HaShem Guide Me Shechina Reside in Me
Oseh Feleh And Bless How I Be Holy of Holies!
Track Name: Amidah
Adonai s’fatai tiftakh, ufi yagid t’hilatekha (fem: Adonai s’fatai tiftakhi, ufi yagid t’hilatayikh)
Open up my lips Oh G!d and I will sing your praise

We are the old people, we are the new people
We are the same people, stronger than before

You bless us, Elohei Sarah, You bless us Elohei Rivka
You bless us Elohei Rachel, You bless us Elohei Leah
You bless us Elohei Avraham, You bless us Eloghei Yitzhak
You bless us, Elohei Ya’akov, You bless us Elohei Yisrael
Track Name: Aleynu
Yehiyeh Adonai Ekhad And we will see Shechina,
U’shemo Ekhad In the wind across the land
U’shemo Ekhad, U’shemo Ekhad We are a circle within Her circle

T’hiyeh Havayah Achat And we will be Shekhina
V’rucha Achat In the work of our hearts and our hands
V’rucha Achat, V’rucha Achat She is a Circle. Within Our Circle